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The Ecosystem Chain Scale in a Sustainable Smallholders Coffee Business

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 14:41

This project aims to address the needs of Indonesian coffee farmers in the AMSTIRDAM (Ampel Gading, Sumber Manjing Wetan, Tirtoyudo, and Dampit sub-districts) region and in the process, expand the partnership between PT Asal Jaya and farmers for a greater supply of high quality green coffee and increased prosperity and stability in the region. The project intends to facilitate a 20% increase in productivity per year. Farmers who join the programme will be grouped into independent 'Sustainable Agricultural Business Clusters' (SABCs) and will benefit from better prices through collective marketing. Individual farmers will gain knowledge and skills, making them more resistant against climate change and market risks. Beyond this, 108 innovation and learning Farmer Driven Research (FDR) centers are being created to develop and test new coffee seedling varietals and use new technology in an integrated coffee-farming model. The FDR will function as learning destinations for coffee farmers of the AMSTIRDAM districts and beyond.

Duration:Jan 2015 - Dec 2020
Number of farmers:


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