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171017 GCP Member Call

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:28

Please find a link to the presentation, and the webinar recording. We are grateful for all of you that took time to attend and contribute to the dialogue. The same are also available in the resources page for this webinar on GCP-Connect.

The Agenda had an update on Indicator ranking, way forward on methodology for this indicators and an update on reporting framework.

Several questions asked were discussed as follows

Relationship between this process and the Sustainable coffee challenge:

Answer: MOU between GCP and SCC provided for the joint development of the framework, through working groups that in June developed the Sustainable progress framework that among other things described the outputs, outcomes and impacts we as a coffee sector hope to achieve on the journey to meet our sustainability goals. GCP then took this input further by working on common indicators to show our progress towards the said sustainability goals and in relation to the identified outcomes and impacts and the SDGs. See the link here to the jointly developed framework. https://www.sustaincoffee.org/framework/ interactive and https://www.conservation.org/publications/Documents/Sustainability%20Fra... for the whole pdf version.

Choice of indicators what happens if voting leads to indicators that are not in line with global coffee sector concerns in relation to sustainability

Answer: As much as possible those giving choices are asked to have the concerns of the sector as a whole in the prioritization, however for member reporting and ensuring whole sector concerns are addressed , then the Governance of GCP will make a decision including on the timelines for reporting just to formalize the process in line with GCP rules of participation. Vision 2030 and SDG requirements will have a strong bearing on this in collaboration with ICO.

Who reports, reporting formalities

Answer : Effort will be taken to ensure that reporting does not course undue burden either in resources or on a particular part of the supply chain. The goal is to tell the state in a common collective way but also help individual player improve their state as a result of using the results of measurement to tell where they need make changes. The governance will give guidance on the most efficient method to streamline reporting.


For those without access to youtube


On youtube


Way forward:

Reporting tool to be tested in Vietnam

Ranking of indicators still possible here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GCP_Common_Indicators and will be available in portuguese later in the month.

Participants who find time to look at the indicator description shared here and improved in the forum


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