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Scope for Economic Viability of Farming


We would like you to help us define the focus areas where GCP should first work in relation to Economic Viability of Farming. Please take two minutes to answer the following questions.


Low RelevanceMedium RelevanceHigh Relevance
1.Support National Platforms *
2.Support roll out of National Sustainability Curricula *
3.Support actions to optimize productivity *
4.Technical assistance / Extension services *
5.Regulatory environment *
6.Increase demand on baseline code / certified coffee *
7.Analysis of Service delivery models *
8.Support actions in Measuring & Monitoring *
1.Support National Platforms2.Support roll out of National Sustainability Curricula3.Support actions to optimize productivity4.Technical assistance / Extension services5.Regulatory environment6.Increase demand on baseline code / certified coffee7.Analysis of Service delivery models8.Support actions in Measuring & Monitoring

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