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Uganda Training Materials for Coffee Production

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 09:46

These harmonised coffee training materials, endorsed by MAAIF, have been developed by the Ugandan coffee sector to improve the productivity and quality of the coffee produced by Uganda’s smallholder farmers.
Thanks to those who have contributed time, resources and materials to a team including UCDA, NaCORI, Café Africa Uganda and Mango Tree. A working group of the National Steering Committee of the National Coffee Platform spent many hours reviewing drafts and field testing the materials.
The photographs used in the posters were kindly provided by NaCORI and Kyagalanyi.
The eight topics, featured in charts, posters and this trainers’ guide cover the coffee value chain and have been designed for smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda.
These materials, developed in a widely consultative effort, and funded by the aBiTrust, will form a key tool in a new and improved extension system for sustainable coffee production.

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