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Fri, 01/27/2017 - 11:14

The generational handover is one of the structural problems of Colombian coffee farming. This is why, The Sustainable Trade Platform [PCS from its abbreviation in Spanish], in consultation with the sector has identified generational handover as a priority for reaching true sustainability. The generational handover depends on young people deciding to remain on the land as farmers, or on them maintaining a relationship with farming production. This decision depends on an individual experience. If a young person considers that he/she can fulfil his/her welfare expectations by maintaining a relationship with said farming, this young person may consider to stay. Otherwise, they will want to leave and will do so, if the alternatives are uncertain (Visión Social, 2014 ). Different studies on the topic agree that great efforts should be made to change the image that young people have of coffee in order to make it more attractive and competitive. Based on this context, the main guiding question of this study was: Does the rural situation in Colombia help or limit young people’s possibilities to remain as coffee farmers?

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